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Jason Disbrow

Jason Disbrow

Friday, 24 December 2010 15:07

Merry Christmas Everyone

Just wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   As a Christmas present anyone who needs computer repair service in our green or yellow service area I'm discounting all services 20% until the end of this year. (As long as you schedule an appointment before the end of the year I'll honor the 20% even if you actual appointment date is after the new year.)   I know a lot of folks will be getting new computers and need help setting up their new computer, transferring documents and pictures from their old computer, connecting the computer to the internet, and making sure it's updated and secured.   Also it would be a good time to mention we support Apple computers, so if you're moving from a PC to a Mac or vice versus JRD Tech Computer Repair can help with the change as well.  

Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, 14 December 2010 19:38

JRD Tech Voted Best of 2010 - 2yrs Running!

I just wanted to thank everyone who voted for JRD Tech in the Asbury Park Reader's Choice.


We strive to provide the absolute best computer repair service in the county at a fair and reasonable rate.  Thank you for choosing JRD Tech Computer Repair Service.

Friday, 29 October 2010 13:33

I found a computer guy that's much cheaper!

Occasionally I'll have someone ask about my pricing because they'll read an ad on Craigslist from someone offering to repair their computer for $20-$40 flat rate.  My response would be, if you don't care about your computer or the information on it then by all means use the guy.  Almost 100% of the time techs offering services at extremely low cost are 1. very inexperienced.  2. Running an illegal business by paying no taxes. 3. When they foul up your computer good luck getting them to refund your money or come back to fix the problem.  4. They are usually thieves,  at most I go on 4 appointments per day simply with travel, lunch break, and varying time it takes to fix each computer 4 appointments is the max and it's usually 2-3 appointments per day..  So ask yourself. someone charging $20 to fix a computer, will make at max $80.00 gross, not including business expenses and fuel costs...how can that be? Who can live on $40-$60 net a day?  Only answer I can come up with is their selling your personal information or canvassing your home or maybe their just bad at business in which case do you want them fixing your computer?

At JRD Tech I have over 10yrs experience working on all types of computer, we are a legitimate business, and you can get a hold of me 24/7 via phone, e-mail, or txt.  We also have a great 45-day guarantee covering most our repairs.  As for our rates, we are priced very fair and competitive,  among experienced and legitimate businesses JRD Tech is on the lower end to the scale.  For example an on-site call from Geek Squad will cost you $299.00 for residential.  An on-site call from JRD Tech starts at $55/hr and maxes out at 3/hrs.  Even in our Red Zone service area which costs more do to length of travel time our max cost is still below $299.00 ($245 for 3hrs).  I don't mean to brag (actually I do) but JRD Tech provides much better service and knowledge to fix you computer problems then a $10/hr tech sent out by a big box store computer repair company like Geek Squad or Staples.  

Finally, I would like to touch on 'A la carte' pricing, this is where you pay to have a specific service done, so it would cost for example $60 to diagnosis the computer, then $99 to remove a virus, then $80 to tune up the computer, etc, etc, etc.  I believe in total computer repair. If you call JRD Tech I'm going fix your computer completely, not just one problem, because most often there are multiple issues that prevent a computer from performing optimally.  

JRD Tech is my business and I care about it deeply, I repair each computer as if it were my own.  If you want your computer fixed and running it's best for a fair price, give JRD Tech a call. 

Thursday, 14 October 2010 23:07

So you want a Free Computer Repair Tune-Up?

I've notice that Staples is advertising FREE COMPUTER TUNE-UP in their stores and that's all well and good but you should know a few things:

1. JRD Tech always performs a Free tune-up with every computer repair.  IMO it's simply a good procedure and it takes all of 10 minutes to do.

2. Why does Staples offer this service for free?

To get your computer so they can tell you what's really wrong with it and get you to pay to fix it.  Honestly, a computer Tune-Up isn't going to magically make a sluggish computer all of a sudden become fast again.  Yes, it will help but usually there is an underlying problem that needs to be addressed that has nothing to do with doing the Tune-Up.   So once they have your computer for the free tune-up and they say "Well we did the Tune-up, but it's still a bit slow would you use to diagnosis it for you?" Diagnosis is $69.99 and once they find the issue you have to pay for them to correct the issue.  So that Free Tune-Up turns into a $150-$200 repair.  

3. If it's so easy, can I do it myself? 

You sure can, I've created a quick tutorial on how to do a fast computer repair tune-up.  And if your computer is still slow after give us a call 609-385-3982.  Our rates are lower then any Big Box computer store and we come to onsite to your home. No disconnecting your computer. If you want to drop your computer off we offer that service too for even less.



Here are a few Tips on staying safe online and avoid getting a malware or virus infections.

As a computer expert I'm tasked with removing viruses and malware from customers computer every day. Some computer it's easy to see how and why they were infected. However, more often then not the customer barely uses their computer only going on line to check the weather, e-mail, or check what's playing at the movies. Yet they manage to get a nasty virus. This Lens will be about prevention and what not to click when going online.

Read the rest of the article here. 



Wednesday, 13 October 2010 07:00

Rates Reduced in Bayville!!

Attention Bayville, NJ residents, need you computer fixed?  JRD Tech can help, we have reduced our rates in Bayville to $55/hr for in-home residential service with a 3hr maximum cap.  So if your computers running slow, printer isn't printing, internet isn't working, or you simply need someone to guide you through using a computer.  JRD Tech can help you with all your computer related issues.

UPDATE: This blog post was about copyright theft that a competitor committed against this website.  The matter has been resolved therefore I've removed the blog post.

Wednesday, 06 October 2010 05:17

New Jersey Computer Repair, Ready To Help 24/7

New Jersey Computer Repair, Ready To Help 24/7

When you have a computer that is running very slow, making odd noises, or just doesn’t operate as desired, who do you call? You dial a pc service which has expertise on computer repair. Most likely you can contact them within business hours but New Jersey residents and businesses are lucky to have a group of pc experts which offer 24/7 service in the area.

Calling for Help

The world today revolves around information. If you have the right information, you control things from your finger tips. The internet changed our lives and made everything reachable using our desktop or laptop computers. A broken pc is like having a broken tool which is very essential to our daily functions.

There are computer problems that are simple enough to repair without professional help. There are more complicated problems like hard disk problems, motherboard troubles, nasty virus repairs, and need for dc jack repairs for your laptop. When you encounter these, it will be more practical to get a professional onsite computer repair.

Getting help is not a sign of ignorance but is a wise move to control further damage and make sure everything is handled appropriately.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009 17:16

The Hard Drive

The hard drive, the single most important component in any computer or laptop.  Everything in a computer can be replaced or repaired including the hard drive but its what is on the hard drive that you can't get back. The hard drive is where every single bit of data is stored.  All your music, photos, programs, documents, spreadsheets, quick books files.  They all reside on the hard drive.  It's not a question of if a hard drive is going to go bad but when.  If your computer is running extremely slow and your anti-virus isn't detecting anything then in all likelihood your hard drive is dying. 

When you have a computer that is running very slow, making odd noises, or just doesn’t operate as desired, who do you call? You dial a pc service which has expertise on computer repair. Most likely you can contact them within business hours but New Jersey residents and businesses are lucky to have a group of pc experts which offer 24/7 service in the area.

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