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Friday, 29 October 2010 13:33

I found a computer guy that's much cheaper!

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Occasionally I'll have someone ask about my pricing because they'll read an ad on Craigslist from someone offering to repair their computer for $20-$40 flat rate.  My response would be, if you don't care about your computer or the information on it then by all means use the guy.  Almost 100% of the time techs offering services at extremely low cost are 1. very inexperienced.  2. Running an illegal business by paying no taxes. 3. When they foul up your computer good luck getting them to refund your money or come back to fix the problem.  4. They are usually thieves,  at most I go on 4 appointments per day simply with travel, lunch break, and varying time it takes to fix each computer 4 appointments is the max and it's usually 2-3 appointments per day..  So ask yourself. someone charging $20 to fix a computer, will make at max $80.00 gross, not including business expenses and fuel costs...how can that be? Who can live on $40-$60 net a day?  Only answer I can come up with is their selling your personal information or canvassing your home or maybe their just bad at business in which case do you want them fixing your computer?

At JRD Tech I have over 10yrs experience working on all types of computer, we are a legitimate business, and you can get a hold of me 24/7 via phone, e-mail, or txt.  We also have a great 45-day guarantee covering most our repairs.  As for our rates, we are priced very fair and competitive,  among experienced and legitimate businesses JRD Tech is on the lower end to the scale.  For example an on-site call from Geek Squad will cost you $299.00 for residential.  An on-site call from JRD Tech starts at $55/hr and maxes out at 3/hrs.  Even in our Red Zone service area which costs more do to length of travel time our max cost is still below $299.00 ($245 for 3hrs).  I don't mean to brag (actually I do) but JRD Tech provides much better service and knowledge to fix you computer problems then a $10/hr tech sent out by a big box store computer repair company like Geek Squad or Staples.  

Finally, I would like to touch on 'A la carte' pricing, this is where you pay to have a specific service done, so it would cost for example $60 to diagnosis the computer, then $99 to remove a virus, then $80 to tune up the computer, etc, etc, etc.  I believe in total computer repair. If you call JRD Tech I'm going fix your computer completely, not just one problem, because most often there are multiple issues that prevent a computer from performing optimally.  

JRD Tech is my business and I care about it deeply, I repair each computer as if it were my own.  If you want your computer fixed and running it's best for a fair price, give JRD Tech a call. 

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