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Wednesday, 13 January 2016 18:28

Is it Time your Business Upgraded to a Server?

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We already built two of these servers for small local businesses and I thought other business owners might be interested as well. This server is perfect for a small business of a dozen or so computers or less looking to move from working on peer-to-peer shared folders on their desktops (or emailing each other files) to a real server environment without breaking the bank. The server features a very sturdy Lenovo chassis with a  Xeon E3, 8gb ram, Windows Server 2012 Essentials, and we can tailor your storage to meet your needs. The configurations we've been doing so far have been a simple RAID1 using WD RE4 or HGST Ultrastar enterprise drives. Here are some benefits of moving to a server enviroment:


Benefits of moving to a server environment include file & network security, increased reliability, centralized storage, redundancy, & centralized backups. When combined with our robust backup solution you can rest assured that your data and your business is well protected. 

File & Network Security

With a typical non-server enviroment anyone can access any file that's being shared on anyone's computer the represents a large security risk for your business. While it's great to have the utmost trust in your employees, as the saying goes it's better to be safe than sorry.  With a server you can granually control who has access to folders & files, as well as see when and who accesed files.

Increased Reliability & Redundancy

Any server JRD Tech builds features error correcting memory, redundant enterprise hard drives, a robust Intel XEON processor, and a well built chassis.   A server unlike a desktop is made to run continously 24x7. 

Centralized Storage

With your current network your data is most likely strewn across multiple computers. With a server all your data is located on the server. No more hunting for files or having to turn on one computer to access this file or another to access that file. 

Centralized Backup

Since all your storage is in one location this makes backup and diaster recovery much quicker and reliable. Unfortunetly servers are not fire proof, water proof, theft proof, or lightening proof so you still have to make contingency plans.  With our optional online backup service, we backup your entire server and can quickly redeploy on new hardware, a VM instance either locally or using a cloud server, and even give you access to your files stored in the backup while the server is being rebuilt. 


If you're interested in upgrading your business please contact us for an evaluation.  Hurry though, the cost of the server build with those specs is currently discounted $300 making it a bargain at only $1299.00. Compare this to Dell's T130 which costs $1400 when spec'd similarly (Note: the default configuration of the T130 does not have an operating system, no redundant hard drive, only 4gb memory, and a slower dual-core processor while it's a lot cheaper it lacks everything that makes a server a server) 

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