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5 Reasons to Use Cloud Backup Services for your Home or Business Computers

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That picture above is only a small percentage of failed hard drives I've had to replace in my 7 years of business.  Some I was able to recover the data off of without too much trouble, but a lot were a complete loss that customers couldn't afford to pay an expensive data recovery firm to attempt to recover their data.  I say attempt because there are plenty of drives that can't be recovered no matter how much you spend!  People out there please understand, it's not a matter of if your hard drive is going to fail, it when & a lot of the time you won't get a warning.  Either you'll go to start it in the morning and get an error or you'll be using it and it will lock up.   So if you don't want to lose all your business data or personal data like photos you need to at the very least be backing up on an external hard drive....bare mininum.  But if you really want to make sure your data is protected you need a cloud backup solution to go along with it.

Here are my 5 reasons for using a Cloud Backup
  1. With cloud backup you set it and forget it.  You don't have to remember to plug in anything or you drive running out of space

  2. All data is encrypted with at least 256-bit AES which will take years and serious computing power to crack, just make sure you using a good password! 

  3. It's very affordable, for home computers less than $5 month per computer or for businesses only $0.65mo per gigabyte & unlimited computers.  

  4. If you're home or business gets destroyed or damaged from fire, water, earthquate, wind, or any number of disasters. Any local backup you have will be destroyed as well.

  5. Peace of Mind, how would you feel if you lost all your photos in your computer right now? If it's a business, would your business even survive losing all it's data and records? 

  6. BONUS! Still using tape backups? Only 34% of companies test their tape backups, of that 77% found them to have errors or failures in recovery! Cloud backups you don't have to worry about tape life or cleaning.

So what cloud backup should you using?  

For Businesses we offer backup service through our Managed Service program you can just buy backup without anything else if you wished http://www.jrdtech.net/Managed-Services to check out the different plans and drop us an e-mail or call for a consulation. 

For home users I strongly recommend Backblaze.


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