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Sunday, 19 May 2013 21:07

Unlimited Online Backup $5 a month!

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The most important component of any computer is arguably the hard drive, this is where all your photos, documents, financial information, and other personal data is stored.  Now despite being the most important component, it's also the most unreliable of all the work I do fixing computers a failing or failed hard drive is one of the most common issues.  Sometimes I'm able to catch the hard drive failure before it's too late and get the data off with little trouble, other times it's too late and without a backup all data is lost.   Main reason hard drives aren't built like they use to is primarily to keep costs down. A GB of data 10yrs ago cost over $10.00, a GB of data today costs like then $0.10.  And what does this tell you, a hard drive 10-15yrs ago use to carry a 10yrs warranty, then it dropped to 5yrs, then 3yrs and now most hard drives carry a warranty of 1 to 2 years. With the exception of enterprise class hard drives which carry a 5 year warranty but also costs double what a standard consumer drive costs (worth it IMO).  

Regardless even if hard drives were built to last it's still a good idea to have a backup, in fact I would say it's more than a good idea. That's why I've tried to find the best online backup solution for my customers, and I've found it an unlimited online backup from Backblaze for $5 a month or less if you buy 1 or 2yrs in advanced.  Your data is secured with AES encryption and can be accessed anytime  you need it.  Even if your backing up to an external hard drive you should think about getting a cloud backup solution because 1. how often do you remember to plug it in to backup, 2. do you take the backup drive with you everytime you leave the house? If not the backup drive is succeptable to the same dangers. Your home can be burgularized, there can be a fire, or a flood making both your backup and computer hard drive useless.  
So follow the link or click the image and get your computer backed up today. 


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